Trapped in the Hills

Hi everyone!

Today’s image is taken from my brothers room and captures city we live in, Liberec (actually, I live here and Jana is only studying here). This city has pretty much everything you could ask for. In summer, you can go swimming, in winter skiing. You can go shopping or you can go out of the city to get in touch with the nature. You can go cycling or hiking or just lie on a beach (we do not have sea, but there are many lakes in the vicinity). You can do almost anything here and it’s all about 30 minutes walk from the centre! There also is the oldest zoo in Czech republic here and a botanical garden with rather spactacular selection of specimen. We have everything a big city could offer , but you can actually walk from one end of Liberec to the other in just about an hour and a half!

Liberec is also a place with one of the greatest total precipitation in the Czech republic. It is in fact so much, that it is often called “Potty of the republic“. We also have a nice saying here, that goes “In Liberec, it’s either uphill or raining” :-D.

I would like to manage to get a roof access in the building and then there could be some awesome views of the city. But now, I just have to go with this reduced version 🙂




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