A Song of Ice and Fire

Hello everyone!!!

I really enjoyed making this photo! I got this collection for christmas from Jana and I have to say it is one of the best presents I ever got. And since I did not get any photos outside today, I was looking for something at home…and decided this thing deserves it! Thank you darling :-*

But the best thing about the photo was the actual setup. First I found some old box, cut some of its sides, so I only got a corner and glued a clear white paper on the whole thing. You can see, on those walls that the glue was too wet, so the paper crumbled a bit, but I think that’s ok in this case. Second step was the lighting. I used a LED table lamp (weak and yellow :/) and a little snail-eye like lamp, both from IKEA, but that wasn’t really enough…as said, the light was too yellow! So I popped up the camera flash and made a little diffusor out of a piece of paper and two white ~25×25 cm boards and also attached another diffusor to one of them. Then I started shooting like crazy, experimenting with light reflections until I got a headache from the flashes. I postprocessed the images in Lightroom and tinkered a bit in Photoshop too.

My inspiration for the setup came from this video by DigitalRev on product photography. And since I made all those proprieties for the shot, I think I will be making a short tutorial on this low budget lighting 😉

Hope you like it and let me know what you think. You can find all my photos from this shoot here.




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