Shadow Over Middle Earth

Greetings everyone!

I really enjoyed making today’s photo. I used Photomatix for merging to an HDR and I was so surprised by the effect, that I saved the preset (under the same name as this post :D). Then just a tiny bit of adjustments in lightroom and voila! If you would like the preset, here it is: click here

I took this one when we were on the trip with Jana yesterday. This is actually from the top of the mountain, just beneath the, in our country quite famous, Ještěd hotel…and it was very windy up there! When one of us was shooting, the other one had to hold the tripod on the ground because of the wind. When we were done shooting, we were really frozen and also hungry, so we had a soup, hot chocolate and a mint tea in the hotel restaurant. There is also a nice geocache (GCKDBV) at the top, so we logged it, as we were coming down the mountain. If you ever visit Czech Republic, we really recommend you visit this place!

Shadow Over Middle Earth

also, one picture from logging the cache

Logging a geocache

And from from the restaurant

Warm goodies!


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